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   Bad Cardigan

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Bad Cardigan are an indie/acoustic duo from East Lancashire, formed in the September of 2011. The duo is made up of Jack Anwyl and Tom Randall. Since forming, the band have performed over 120 gigs in a variety of different venues and festivals. In the June of 2012 they supported a band called The Levellers, and also opened for them at The Manchester Academy and the Liverpool O2 academy (they have since supported the band on a number of occasions). They cite artists such as Arctic Monkeys, The Kinks, Bon Iver and The Doors as influences.  They are also currently unsigned.  I love their sound, and their voices just mesh together so superbly but enough about what I have to say, why not check them out for yourself?

Disclaimer: We are in no way affilated with the bands we write about, we post about them because we like their music. Our opinions are our own. All pictures are taken from the band's Facebook/Twitter page.

Band of the week – Catfish and The Bottlemen

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Band of the week

[31/03/14 – 06/04/14]

Catfish and The Bottlemen

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This week sees the energetic four-man indie band ‘Catfish and The Bottlemen’ as band of the week. The current lineup consists of Van McCann (Vocals), Billy Bibby (Lead Guitar), Benji Blakeway (Bass) and Bob Hall (Drums).  They are currently on tour [for tour dates and tickets click here] and are also in a multitude of festivals this year, such as Dot to Dot festival, Latitude Festival,  Strawberry Fields festival and Best Kept Secret festival. 2014 is certainly their year, and it’s not hard to see why they are so successful with their energetic songs, catchy vocals, and the fact they’ve supported such bands as ‘The 1975’, ‘Little Comets’, ‘The Wombats’ and they’ve played club nights for Carl Barat (The libertines, Dirty Pretty Things). The fact they actively (and very frequently) engage with their fans certainly sets them apart from quite a lot of bands, they have a funny (and attractive) frontman, and of course who doesn’t love a band who’s band merch consists of a t-shirt with a sperm design on it? But enough of what I have to say, why don’t you check out their music and see for yourself?

Disclaimer - I am in no way affilated with any of the bands I promote, I promote them because I genuinely like them. I am not paid to write reviews. All my opinions are my own. If you represent the band and wish to have the post taken down/modified then please contact me using the 'contact us' page.

The photos used in this post have been sourced from the Band’s official Facebook page. Lineup information sourced from ‘The Guardian’

Attending gigs

The pounding music, that seems to shake you to your core, as sweaty bodies slide and collide with you, all aching to get closer to their idols, hundreds/thousands of people singing the same song for hundreds/thousand different reasons. You may be a shy quiet, reserved person, and the person next to you may be outgoing, loud, and obnoxious, but in this gig, hearing your favourite band perform the songs that mean so much to you, you are one. One with the crowd, one with the band. It’s the sort of experience you can never truly feel from a youtube clip, or a phone call from a friend, you can’t grasp that atmosphere in a photograph no matter how hard you try. You can only imagine, or recall on memories. That’s the power of gigs, it brings people together. It shows them that no matter how different and fucked up we are, in this room, right here, right now there’s a band out there that’s just like us, human and we all come together. It’s odd, recalling on past gigs, fleeting memories of being crushed against the barricade, of sweaty arms belonging to strangers wrapping themselves around me, or brushing past my cheek as the singer draws closer to the barricades. Memories of the pulsing lights, and the thudding bass. It’s rock and fucking roll. The atmosphere at gigs can be so incredible, so moving that there’s an urge to inject it right into your veins. 

In a gig you’re on equal territory, sure your favourite band are up on stage, and perhaps your not in some blocked off VIP area, but at the end of the day the essence is always going to be there. In this room, listening to these songs, we’re all equal. All working for something, all listening to music as an escape from our mundane lives. Gigs shake things up, even just for a few hours. It’s madness and it’s wonderful, and if someone ever tells you that music isn’t a way of escaping life, then take them along to a gig, show them the crowd going mental. Someone in that crowd has just been dumped, another may be losing a close family member, someone in there is struggling to pay their bills, another is the subject of horrendous racist abuse, but right now they care slightly less, or perhaps they don’t care at all, nothing matters other than whether or not your favourite song is going to be played by one of your favourite bands. Music is an escape, even if you don’t have any problems, it still takes you away, to this place, this little place of comfort. No matter the music, no matter the beat. It’s an escape for us all.